Ashley grew up with a passion for dance and movement, leading her to attend school to become a dance movement therapist. The desires to get back in to dance and movement, (while studying the psychology side of the degree) as an adult lead her to the Davenport School of Yoga in 2010. She fell in love with freedom, fitness, and awareness she found through a regular practice, gaining knowledge of movement and a dance like sequence through a different medium. Approaching her senior year at Western in 2012, she decided to enroll in Jeani’s teachers training program, changing the course of her career path. Since which time she has become a full time yoga instructor spreading the bliss she has found to a wide variety of people; elementary school children, athletes, regular Joes, to senior citizens, she believes yoga is for everyBody!

  • Yoga Training Instructor Certification
  • Standard Certifications
  • Personal Instructor Classroom Course