Kapha Balancing Workshop

We find ourselves just past the midway part of Kapha season. As we start to come out of winter you may find yourself with a few or all of the following symptoms.

Finding it hard to get moving   Lethargic    Heavy   Sluggish    Feeling Cold and Congested

These are the signs and symptoms we may experience during Kapha Season.

Through the practice of specific asanas and pranayama, we can give our bodies the opportunity to pacify these Kapha tendencies and kick-start our energies to help get us through the remaining Kapha season. Join Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist Dan David for a Kapha balancing workshop at one or both of the following sessions.

1st Session

When: Sunday 4/2 from 11:00 – 12:30

Where: Davenport School of Yoga

3420 Towne Point Circle, Bettendorf, Ia

2nd Session

When: Saturday 4/8 from 12:30 – 2:00

Where: Davenport School of Yoga

421 Brady Street, Davenport, Ia

Cost: $15

********* Avoid eating a heavy meal before session *********