New Teachers Training starts Sept 2nd..

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The Bettendorf location is open for business at 5123 Suite C Middle Road.

Same schedule/same pricing.



When: Wednesday July 19th

Time: 6:30-7:30 P.M.

Where: Davenport School of Yoga, 5123 Middle Road , Bettendorf



Get out of your head and into your heart by experiencing the energy of your chakras! Let your spirit guide you in Chakradance, a moving meditation. No chakra knowledge or dance experience necessary. 

Facilitator Lindsay Bodenhofer will use specific music and guided visualization to take you on a free-flowing movement journey exploring 7 different worlds within you…..instincts, emotions, power, love, expression, intuition, and spirituality allowing you to focus inward and tune in to the wisdom and intelligence held in your physical, emotional, and spiritual body,  You will anchor your unique experience with the creation of mandala art. 

Find meaning, let go, and have fun with Chakradance!

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Intro to Aerial Yoga Workshop

Aerial Yoga is a combination of traditional poses done on the floor and postures practiced using soft fabric. In aerial yoga, our body weight is distributed between floor and fabric, allowing us to access traditional poses in a new way. When off the floor, there is no pressure on joints and inversions are accessible with no strain on neck or shoulders. Hanging in ‘slings’ makes core muscles ‘fire’. It is so much fun you don’t realize what a great workout you are getting.

This class is designed with the beginner in mind.  We will walk you through the basics, offer instruction and take time to explore the poses while answering questions and making sure you feel safe and supported.


Cost is $25

Date: 07/22/2017 (Sat.)

Time:3:30pm – 5:00pm CDT

Location: Davenport School of Yoga- Bettendorf, 5123 Middle Road

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Registration for Summer Programs 2017 is under way! 

This year we are offering a Monday thru Friday summer program, from July 24th-28th at our Bettendorf studio!!    Each day we will do something a little bit different to engage kids to move their bodies, be creative, have fun, and be mindful.  There is a staff of five teachers who are excited to share their passion for yoga with your kiddo.  Our schedule is as follows:

Monday-Friday 9-11am, kids 7-11 years old

 The classes are as follows:

Monday:  Creative Movement

Tuesday:  Creative Expression

Wednesday & Thursday:  Aerial Yoga

Friday:  Mindfulness and Meditation


Here is more info:

Intro to Yoga/Creative Movement:  This day will be a fun and energetic introduction to yoga postures and movements in a safe environment set for kids.  There will be some typical yoga class style postures, and opportunities to be a little move creative and find moves that you might like to try.  There will be games, some time for talking, and some real joy in moving the body and expressing how you use yoga to get to know your body and all that it can do.

Creative Expression:  Today we will link movement and expression.  We will explore how movement can effect and change our drawing and writing.  This is an opportunity to express yourself not only with your body but on paper as well.  Bring your creative hats today and be ready to bring your imagination to life!

Aerial Yoga:   On aerial yoga days we will play in the slings!  There will be plenty of time to try out yoga with your feet off the ground today in an environment safe for kids.  Our teachers will teach you the basics of doing yoga poses in the slings and even give you some time to play games, dance, and relax.

Mindfulness and Meditation:  For our last day we will take our energy down a notch.  We will do a simple traditional yoga practice and then explore several different techniques that are used for mindfulness, meditation, and relaxation.  Sometimes even kiddos have a hard time relaxing, de-stressing, and focusing.  This day will give them the tools that they can bring into life to help them be more calm and at ease.  A great and relaxing way to end the week!


Cost $100 per child


Follow this link to register your child and fill out the waiver.

Payment MUST be submitted to the Davenport School of Yoga before your child is fully registered.  If you wish to pay online please email rebecca@sunlightyogatherapy and Rebecca will send you a link to payment online.

Spots are VERY limited so sign up soon!!


Pitta Pacifying Workshop

We find ourselves around midway in Pitta season.  Are you experiencing any or all of the following symptoms?

Frustration, Anger, Irritability, Impatience, Intolerance, Red, inflamed or Light-sensitive eyes

These are just a few of the indications of “imbalance” we may observe during Pitta Season.

Through the practice of specific asanas and pranayama, we can cool these fiery tendencies and redirect our energies to help get us through the remaining Pitta season feeling more balanced.

Join Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist Dan David for a Pitta balancing workshop


When: Sunday 8/6 from 11:00 – 12:30

Where: Davenport School of Yoga Bettendorf

5123 Middle Road Bettendorf, Ia


When: Saturday 8/12 from 10:00 – 11:30

Where: Davenport School of Yoga

421 Brady Street, Davenport, Ia

Cost: $20

Contact Dan David at for more info


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