Yoga is quite simply, Jeani’s life’s work.  With over 37 years of dedicated practice and 32 years of devoted teaching and service, she has an enormous wealth of insight to share.  Jeani has studied perhaps most significantly, Iyengar Yoga with Mr Iyengar himself, spent 8 years with Shandor, and most recently has been learning Scaravelli Yoga with Diane Long.  Because she truly believes yoga is for everybody, Jeani has students from all walks of life, and has watched ordinary people learn to do extraordinary things.  Her students have included the likes of the Australian Rules Football team, professional surfers, amputee groups, spinal injury and cancer patients.  She also works regularly with students who experience more common ailments such as arthritis, lower back pain, and shoulder mobility restrictions.  Jeani informs her classes by the knowledge that we as human beings are designed for absolute freedom of movement.  Through this experience our bodies naturally heal themselves, and our lives are enriched by the ability to cultivate greater awareness.  A former resident of Australia, Jeani is the founder and director of the Davenport School of Yoga.

  • CFES Yoga Instructor Certification
  • Standard Certifications
  • Instructor Classroom Course