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Inner Reflection

Our inner reflection is the expression, the manifestation of the sublime, subtle core within us.

It has been defined in Sacred Scriptures of all religions of the world as our Soul, Inner or Celestial Self, Atman, the energy of Love or Divine Spark.

When we are connected with our true Self, it becomes easier to see what is not our true Self. Our body, mind, thoughts, feelings, job, relations, essentially all of the changing circumstances around us, become the reflection of our inner state of being.

How do we awaken to, reconnect and live from our true Self?

The Eight Limbs of Yoga, teach us how. Through yogic practice, consciously observing one's body and breath movements creating a place of stillness, from where we experience a clearer perception and a greater connection with the world around us. This discernment allows us to act and live devoid of all impurities, resulting that our inner Self becomes liberated and we experience more joy!

Join us Sunday mornings on this journey of a sustainable, transformational and joyful yoga practice to reflect your true inner 'Self'.

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